Mass Spectral Interpretation

Formats: Classroom, Live-on-the-Web, Self-Paced, and customized in-house
Length: Classroom - 3 days; Live-on-the-Web - Two 90-minute sessions per week for 6 weeks
Fee: $1,600 USD
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David Sparkman lecturingThe training course on interpretation of mass spectra is designed to develop the fundamental skills necessary to understand fragmentation of ions formed by electron ionization (EI) in GC/MS or by one of the soft ionization techniques employed in LC/MS. Many of the examples are taken from EI mass spectrometry; however, the principles that are learned are applicable to any ionization technique.

Other important topics covered are:

  • Determination of elemental composition from accurate mass measurements and the relative intensity of isotope peaks

  • The use of Library Search Programs and databases of mass spectra with EI data and data obtained using collisionally activated dissociation

  • Discussion of the different types of m/z analyzers and the different types of ions encountered in modern mass spectrometry

This training course teaches you the important skills of how to determine the “quality” of a mass spectrum and how to decide if the mass spectrum is worthy of an attempted mass spectral interpretation. Whatever your experience level, you will gain valuable knowledge in this course.

The interpretation of mass spectra training course is offered several times throughout the year as either as a three-day classroom course or in a unique, interactive, on-line format. On-line courses are held two times a week over a six-week period. As with all our courses, this course can be presented in-house and customized to meet your precise needs.

Instructor: O. David Sparkman