Custom Courses

Courses are developed with your specific application or training needs in mind for presentation to an exclusive audience of your employees. Customized courses can "jump start" your company into a new technology area or quickly familiarize a group of new employees with essential laboratory skills. Pricing for customized courses is based on the length of the course and amount of custom material to be developed.

Alternatively, your organization or institution may choose to sponsor a course for public offering. You are responsible for arranging the location, placing advertising, and collecting tuition fees. We arrange for instructors and all required course materials. Courses can be sponsored for a flat fee plus expenses with the sponsoring institution keeping all funds generated over this amount.

Customized consulting services are also available to help you solve a particular problem in the laboratory. This may be purchase of new equipment, project planning and management, or specific training for a small group of employees.

Our client list for custom training services include Lancaster Laboratories®, International Flavors and Fragrances®, Proctor & Gamble®, Nektar Therapeutics®, Pfizer® R&D and the New York City Police Department. (Some of these clients were arranged through the American Chemical Society.) We have also provided customized training for analytical instrument sales and support personnel from Waters, Hitachi and Varian. Consulting clients include Thermo-Finnigan®, Edwards Scientific®, and Bayer Healthcare®.

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Instructor: O. David Sparkman