Customers has trained over 1,000 scientists world-wide in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and food industries, in addition to private contract laboratories, government, law enforcement, public health, and environmental sectors.

Some of our customers are: Lancaster Laboratories, International Flavors and Fragrances, Proctor & Gamble, Nektar Therapeutics, Pfizer R&D, the New York City Police Department. We've also provided customized training for analytical instrument sales and support personnel from Waters, Hitachi and Varian. Consulting clients include Thermo-Finnigan, Edwards Scientific and Bayer Healthcare.

What attendees are saying...

Mass Spec Principles and Practice

“Relaxed, friendly environment. Questions were encouraged and answered clearly; sometimes fitting this with the relevant section if it didn't’ fit with the section being talked about. Concise course notes will undoubtedly be valuable resources in the future. Lots of hands-on experiences with very knowledgeable teaching staff and students [TA’s]. Large amounts of lecture well spaced with breaks to avoid being overwhelmed with content.” -Clarie E. Brook Novus International St Louis, MO

“Lectures were very well presented. The high volume of information was presented in a logical manner. Group Projects and presentations were very useful.” -Mr. Robert Pawlik Wright Patterson AFB Ohio


Peptide and Protein Characterization by LC/MS

“This course was great. I learned a lot and this will help me with the work I do in the lab on a routine basis” -- Michelle Irwin, Genentech

"This course is a good primer for those looking into the field." -- Michael Evans, Senior Scientist, Cargill Company

“For complicated and detailed information the training was great. Well organized. Thank you!”-- Jennifer Moore, Genentech


LC/MS Fundamentals and Applications

"I was very pleased with the course. It fulfilled my goal of achieving a basic undderstanding LC/MS and GC/MS, which will be helpful in future method reviews and possible LC/MS operation. I also very much liked the comments for each slide. GREAT COURSE!" —Elizabeth Flynt, Chemist, U.S. EPA

" Perfect course, Thank you! It was exactly what I needed." —Ray Miller, Chemist, New Orleans, LA